Digital Workforce


Easy Deployment with High ROI


Can be created and deployed  in 6-8 weeks


more than 50% Cost saving with 100% digital process

BoticX Labs offers AI Automation a Business Process Outsourcing Service that uses a digital workforce (BOT’s) to execute business processes for and on behalf of its clients and customers at their premise data centre or cloud based platforms. AI Automation market offer is additionally complemented by two unique commercial propositions – Zero Capex and a savings-based charging model. It is this combined market proposition that we will compare to in-house RPA deployment and outline how, in our belief, there is great benefit to be had from the synergies between both of the models.

  • Time to market – Since the technology is platform deployed and thoroughly tested, client business processes can be automated much faster than an in-house deployment.

  • Zero technology lock-in – As RPA technology is evolving clients would have the ability to jump start their RPA initiatives without worrying about technology lock-in and make informed investment decisions.

  • Access to capability – Since a typical RPAaaS offering is a vendor driven market proposition, the people capability required to automate a business process is already available and clients need not invest in developing this capability.

  • Cost avoidance resulting from access to capacity on the fly – Have the flexibility and availability of introducing capacity when the business requires it the most without having to make any additional investments.

  • Access to a knowledge base – One of the reasons why in-house IT has moved to an outsourced based model over the last two decades was due to the access to an industry knowledge base that gave clients the ability to resolve complex issues.

  • Access to standardised tools & processes – Whilst in-house deployments are focused on making technology viable and work, an ‘as-a-Service’ provider has to have effective tools and processes to ensure not only repeatability but also predictability of outcomes.

The complementary nature of BoticX Labs  AI Automation market proposition with an in-house deployment is demonstrated by the fact that it can be leveraged in the following scenarios:

  • Development of initial pilots that facilitate business stakeholder buy-in across all departments in the business (essential to increase the coverage of RPA adoption with a business).

  • Enable automation of non-industrial scale processes that would simply not meet the rigorous ROI requirements of a business case.

  • Enable automation of one-off processes, especially with mergers being more common place.

  • Enable automation of processes that require temporary scale, like peak trading season, event driven etc.

  • Address urgent process automation needs, which otherwise may not be possible due to lack of specialist and on-demand enabling technology and related people skills access.

  • Automation of processes that are not your current focus area, because this is not looked at from a digital empowerment perspective.

  • Enables trailing of future RPA test candidates before in-house deployment.

  • RPAaaS could be deployed as a digital assistant for those in-house attended bot workflow scenarios.

  • The RPAaaS Platform can be used as a disaster recovery site for In-House deployments