Meet Adi Our Humanoid

3D Printed

Simple 3D Printed Parts 


Created in less than 70 Days


Can recognize and interact with you similar like human

Our Adi is one of a unique Humanoid Robot created in India in less than 70 Days
Adi can work as customer service representative. We have the opportunity to be the first in market in this category, & the first to market a realistic Humanoid Robot with 28 degrees of motion freedom, all available on a standard 3D printed enclosed design

Key Features
  • 3-D printed parts with 28 degrees of freedom motion

  • Adi 1.0 is a first Anthropomorphism Humanoid Robot

  • Adi 1.0 is a Bipedal robot

  • Adi 1.0 is designed for customer services

  • Performs two-way communication

  • Detects color

  • Adi 1.0 performs object avoidance/detection

  • Adi 1.0 can be used for object tracking

  • Based on face recognition Technology

  • Gesture Control

  • Adi 1.0 tells us current time, weather and news headline

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